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Originally Posted by DesertTortoise View Post
Ok I keep trying to give the benefit of doubt... But then you keep removing all doubt.

First they were dressed in black on black bikes that looked like distant cars and the road was black and shimmering. Now it was night out??

At what distance would this look like a car? At what distance would the inch between the lights look like the 4 foot gap between a standard American car's lights? Hint: it won't take a mathematician to figure this one out.

Let's go ahead and do a test. Stand back about 10 feet from your screen, look at this picture and me if you see a FLTRXBFDWTF or a car really far away.

Those Harley riders were basically asking to be run down.
I'm not sure whether you are suffering from a lack of reading comprehension or imagination, but if you look back you will not find a description of a black Road Glide against a white background from 10 yards away. Here is a photoshop that is closer to what I experienced. I am no computer wizard, but I took a stock photo of a Nevada highway that was similar to the southern Wyoming stretch I was on, photo-captured the rider above and rotated it vertical, and placed it in about the spot where my wife started to strongly encourage me to look the fuck where I was going. There were two bikes instead of one and they were farther away than shown when I made my move to pass. The headlights were more obvious and the motorcycle outlines were less than depicted.

I mentioned night riding because the kind of conditions I experienced are rare but two headlights ahead in the distance at night are common.

I've been accused of an anti Harley culture bias, which has some merit, but there are many bikes with the same headlight orientation including Goldwings, Buells, Triumph Speed Triples, and several others, so the risk is not limited to Harleys. In fact, the Road King's three headlights are about ideal for visibility and not resembling an automobile.
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