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The rain had tapered off so we left the church and continued on our way. I saw a shopping plaza ahead and turned in to the lot. D wasn't with us. Jack said that he had pulled out when we did, then he lost track of him. As we were talking we saw him drive by, luckily he was looking around and noticed us, so we only had to wait while he went up the road to find a turn-around. I noticed a Lowes ahead and came up with a plan. When D pulled in I told him I was going up to the Lowes to tear my bike apart. My plan was to park in the lot near the display of sheds for sale, that way if it started raining again at least I'd have a roof.

I pulled into the Lowes and noticed that somebody must've fixed their bike there before, because the sheds were all 30ft or more into the grass, after you went over a large curb. Thusly foiled, I pulled next to some van trailers with the idea that I could string a tarp up simply enough if the weather turned again.

I had to remove my bedroll and tent, then off came the seat and airbox. I was looking all around for a bad wire, hoping it was something I could see easily and not a broken wire buried in the far reaches of the wiring harness.

A bit of background... Indian Enfields don't suffer the same ridged quality controls that a lot of other vehicles do, so the components and or the assemblage of said components can be somewhat suspect, I knew of these quirks when I bought this bike, so one of the first things I did was to pull every connection on the bike's wiring, visually inspect it, and reassemble with dielectric grease. Years later, in a Lowes parking lot somewhere in North Carolina, I found one that I missed.

In a bundle of bullet connectors down near the top of the transmission one of the wires that run from the alternator to the regulator had a corroded connection. A bit of scraping with my pocketknife and a piece of wire fixed that back up, I reassembled and rode around the parking lot a couple of times and everything was back to normal. Hopefull that the next heavy rain didn't prove me wrong we set off again.

We missed the entrance for the Blue Ridge parkway. Well, we didn't really miss it, the signage was a bit confusing and we rode right bye, not realizing we were past until it was too late. Now we were on the highway heading towards Asheville, and it was raining again, raining hard, and my bike was running fine. We stopped at a rest stop to study the map, and talked to a group of riders from Texas. Nice bunch. We realized we weren't going to make Virginia before nightfall, so we decided to just stay on the highway to Asheville and get a room.

The rain slowed and then stopped just outside of Asheville, so we weren't dripping when the first hotel turned us away, or the second. When the third try was a bust I was getting worried that we might have to make Virginia to get a room. But the next try was successful, if not economical.

None of us felt up to looking for a place to eat, so we called out for pizza.

Day 5 totals: Leesburg, Al to Asheville, NC. 7am-9pm, 316miles

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