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OK, since no mathmeticians have jumped in I will do the work myself. Here is a puzzler for anybody wanting to try. I'll post the answer later.

While driving home through Montana today I figured out how far away the Harley's appeared on that stretch of highway if they were oncoming cars, about 8/10 mile.

Here's the puzzle. A person (me) wants to pass a semi and five cars that are going 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. The cars are following each other and the truck about two car lengths apart. I am following the last car about two car lengths back and, because I am such a careful driver, I want to give the truck a full semi length of space before pulling back in. There is an oncoming car about 0.8 miles down the road probably doing 75 mph. As I pass the line of vehicles I will do 90 mph. Is this a safe pass and what will be the distance betweem me and the oncoming car when I pull back into my lane?
I'd never pass that many vehicles at once - mainly because if I'm looking to over-take them, so is someone else and cagers never expect to be over-taken when they're about to over-take. I'd take them one or two at a time.

Good point about giving the truck space before pulling back in, for all you (or any of us) know, he could be tail-gating another vehicle.
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