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It is incredible how tenacious the grip of tires can be - far beyond the skill of most riders. I have never had a tire break loose due to leaning on any pavement.
There is sand and gravel on roads everywhere I go. Hard for me to imagine roads so clean that the tires can be relied upon to stick like that. I am not doubting what you say. But if you come to Vermont, you are warned.

First - read the line "tire break loose due to leaning on any pavement" is not "sand and gravel". That is junk on the road and part of what I've said to practice maneuvering to be able to avoid it. What a shame Vermont is still stuck in the early 20th century when it comes to roads... unless one rides a dual sport, then that's great!

I don't have much problem with that since I practice what I preach... I also ride dirt/gravel back roads and can deal with loose surfaces. I find being able to change lines mid corner and having some dual sport experience makes it so I can avoid the debris in the road.

By the way Ohio roads have debris on them in the spring from road salt/grit, but it is either cleaned off by the cities or blows off by traffic. The back roads can have gravel/dirt/silt etc from rain wash out and construction work (fracking construction is really good at that) so it's not like I don't have a clue how to deal with those conditions. Thankfully those conditions are not extremely common as apparently they are in Vermont. They can be quite random, running along on a great road, then around the next semi-blind turn is light gravel or silt in part of the turn. That is about 90% of the reason to be able to do what I speak of. I ride in my lane, with a safety margin enabling me to use evasive maneuvers as needed.

As for the tires sticking, probably 90% of the "ran off the road" accidents were on good corners, no debris, with riders who are, like the one rider's post here, afraid they'll lowside. When I was significantly younger I pretty much did exactly that - run wide and fall - because I didn't trust the tires. Since that time I have had a few times where the urge is to sit up and run off, but the knowledge and practice kicks in and I've leaned a bit more, maintaining my line or tightening it.

I also have had chance to use my off road experience when the back end of the street bike broke loose on some junk in a road at an intersection. A dab of the foot and some throttle work saved it when the rear stepped out. Also done some body english and throttle when the rear has slipped other times. It's nice to have a good spectrum of skills to pull from memory as needed - and as practiced.

If you are mainly a street rider, you have my condolences for Vermont roads sucking so bad.

I thought they probably had some nice riding up there...

Oh! I get it, you're just trying to chase us away, keep 'em all for yourself!
Ever get lost? You know, that good kind of lost - come to a dirt road intersection and you have no idea where you are or which way to turn? I like when that happens!

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