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Originally Posted by veriest1 View Post
Went back to the abandoned road today to snap some pics. Here's ADV inmate mfleck threading his dr650 through the trees.

So far so good... wait what's next? A hill with scattered baby heads and stumps all concealed in the grass? Oops....

Then we checked out Arkysaw Hill from the top. Suprisingly it doesn't look to bad after all the rains but the mud pit at the bottom is about twice as wide as it was during last years rally.

Next up it was time to check out BORP. Bad news... it looks like there's only one entrance now by this time mfleck had split off and it was going to take someone with more guts than me to try it on an 1150gsa alone.

The old entrance has been taken over by some guy with an RV and a big dog house. This also looks like it might block the even easier entrance that the Urals used last year.

Do we have a plan B
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