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Great weekend and CTR did a very nice job putting everything together, especially the last minute change to the American Legion those folks were great hosts and really took care of us.

I rode the A loops both days and Day 1 ride started off with some great ST riding which ended all too soon when we had to take the roads around the peaks. Boo to the CNF for closing the Lipizzaner and other trails. After gassing up and getting through town we headed South to Munds Park for lunch are some pretty fun forest roads. Kudos to the Munds Park FD for a very satisfying lunch of hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, chips and drinks. After lunch it was more fast forest roads before hitting the Kelly Canyon ST for some ledge riding through the tree's. CTR had quite a few spotters along the trails which was probably a good thing as I helped one rider get back on the trail and saw others getting assistance as well. Fun stuff.......just missing the moisture I was expecting.

The Saturday night banquet was a good time the place was full. It was great seeing familiar faces however the best part was Michelle Busch getting excited when she, and others, won something in the raffle. I brought home a KTM fleece blanket that has already been commandeered by Trish for the next camping trip ;)

Day 2 headed South on a loop via Mormon Lake Lodge and started off with more fun Kelly Canyon ST before some hitting the forest roads into Mormon Lake Lodge. We opted for a cold drink and a snack at the store instead of a full on lunch at the restaurant. The 2nd part of the ride was very scenic and went through country I've never seen before which was awesome. Great 2 track and forest roads for miles before dumping out on the Lake Mary road back into town.

In summary I had a great time really enjoyed the scenic routes, especially the areas I've never been too before. CTR did a great job and I'm sure the event will only get better.

Thank You CTR for a great weekend
Don Hood
Arizona Trail Riders
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