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This ride report is proof of how diligent I am in keeping up with it! I actually have to pay here at the library in The Pass to use the internet. $1 per half hour!
But as I am a firm patron of the library system I figured I’d help.

Where did I leave off??
Oh yeah, I left Big River heading to Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Big River, it reminded me of one of my nicest costumes I’d made, that required 14 yards of fabric. It was one of those “Scarlet O’Hara” dresses

The weather was nice and I was glad not to be riding in rain again, kinda had enough of rain for a while.
Pretty soon I got to the shortcut to the park, which turned into a dirt road, Hmmm, the Harley guy said it was paved.

It looked pretty dry so l kept riding.

Yeahhhhhhh, I had to stop and lower the tire pressure. It wasn’t all that dry in places, and in other places it was super dry and sandy. I don’t like sand, have I mentioned that before??

After a while it turned pretty good and before I knew it I hit pavement again.
The pay booth was not too much further.
The lady at the booth asked if I planned to stay, and I said no, just passing through on my way to Flin Flon. She let me pass without paying a fee.
The road itself was nice, but not spectacular though. I pulled over at a campground to inflate the tires again. I so love my green slime inflator!!

Gorgeous view before the end of the road

After about 40 minutes of easy riding I came to Meadow Lake Town.
What a shock! After being in nature all of a sudden I was in touristville!!!
There were little shops and restaurants, cafes with chairs and tables outside, very cozy! This was really a high-end resort!
Kinda got lost cause my GPS didn’t see any of this, so I asked for direction back to the Hwy.
I was curious about camping prices so at the little exit booth I asked how much the overflow was to pitch a tent for the night. Not as bad as I had thought, but with the entrance fee it would have cost me $25, so I opted not to.

I parked right in front of this deer, and it just looked at me!

Pretty soon I hit Hwy 2 (I think) and headed North to Weywatkin, the last place to gas up the Harley guy told me, before I got to La Ronge.
By now it was pretty late and I was tiring

The sun was fast on its way down, and I really don’t like riding at night, not only that, I discovered to my dismay that only one setting of my headlight works.
Seeing as I painted over the little drawing I don’t know if I now have my regular or my brights on. I have the top part of the button pressed down.

I kept turning in little side roads and one after the other turned too muddy or sandy, and almost all of them had bear poop on the tracks. Hmmm, nope, so not going to stay here!

I was hoping to find a spot with trees, so I could have some shade, and put up my tarp in case it rained
Then I saw a little tent sign with the letter 2 Km underneath.
I kept my fingers crossed that this place wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg.
Two Km later I saw the turn off…………
This is a campground? I rode Spirit around the little loop and saw 2 open spaces between the trees, and 2 toilets. No sign anywhere about having to pay!! Yippee!!
One of the open spaces had a teepee frame on it, so I picked that one.

My tent fit right inside of it, and I fixed my tarp over it just in case.

Pretty soon a car showed up with a canoe on the top, and the guy picked the other empty spot. My did would be happy I had a fellow camper and was not all alone.
After I finished setting up it was dark, and I cooked my dinner quickly as I was hungry to the max!
Then I checked my cell phone. I had reception!!! Awesome!

Around midnight I crashed, and I slept like a log.
I vaguely heard the canoe guy leave early in the morning, but I fell right back asleep again.
As I had such a nice spot I decided to stay for a day. It rained on and off, and I spend the day knitting (again) and reading.

Started on Brain Sanderson’s Way of Kings, pretty awesome book so far! I now the sequel is out, but probably not yet on e-format at the library.

I walked around when the rain stopped and saw why there were sooooo many mosquitos at the campground

Interesting little (actually pretty big) bug in the tent
I packed up everything I didn’t need and put it in my cases. According to the weather forecast it was gong to be sunny the next day.
I woke early and packed up the rest. I wouldn’t say it was sunny, but it was dry.

When I got to Weywatkin I found the gas station, but it turned out that the pump was no longer in use. Shucks! I would have to go to La Ronge now to gas up.
Luckily it was only 20 miles further than the turnoff to Hwy 165 that headed to Flin Flon.

I got to La Ronge a couple of hours later and filled up my gas tank. It took me a while to get out of there as people kept coming up to talk to me and ask me where I was going and where I was from. Finally I said my goodbyes and rode away.
They had a huge grocery story in town I was told so I headed there in search of some almond milk. It was closed on Sunday! Bummer.
I turned around and headed back to the gas station to get some paper towels and fill up my water canteens.

As I headed to Hwy 165 I was both nervous and happy. At least I didn’t totally ex out the route I wanted to take. I hoped that the road would be dry.
As I turned off unto 165 I was happy to see that the road was in really good shape. l kept my fingers crossed.

I just had to take a pic of Spirit and the open road!
The speed limit was 80 Km an hour and I kept it at 70 pretty much, until the road got tricky. Again I stopped to let the air out of the tires, down to 20 Psi
I thanked my lucky starts that it had been dry for a little while, cause I saw what this road would have looked like when wet! There had been some heavy cars that left their tracks and I pretty much kept Spirit riding over their tire tracks, which were about a foot wide. Left and right of the nicely flattened area the dirt was sometimes a foot high, but mostly about half a foot of mud, gravel or sand, depending on how wet it was.
Occasionally I had to fight to keep Spirit upright as the tracks crisscrossed, but other than that it was really easy.

Hit another easy stretch

After about 100 Km (really short road) I hit pavement again.
Stopped again to put air in.
I kept on noticing oil on my bottle and the frame, and I couldn’t figure out where it came from.
I figured as I had spilled some on my engine guard that it must be flying off it and unto the frame. I really should not have assumed and looked, but I’ll tell you later why I was leaking oil. I did check the oil level and it was good.
The weather was really nice, even though my android weather told me rain, rain, rain in Flin Flon and surrounding areas. I am so not going to look at that thing again!!!

The road to Fin Flon reminded my of a patchwork quilt!

The closer I got there the more rocks I saw. This was exactly like going to Yellowknife!

It was very pretty driving by all that water.

I was in Flin Flon before I knew it, and nowhere did I see a sign saying Welcome to Manitoba! Sniff

I did find the tourist info center and got a map of Manitoba. The kid didn’t know anything about camping or which routes where the nicest, so I left to crass the road and go into Walmart for some almond milk.
They had just closed!! Oh well, I still had one little 8 ounce carton.
They also had camping in Flin Flon, but camping right in town just doesn’t do it for me, even though I would have like a shower.
I headed South toward The Pass, looking for a place to camp. Another campground was also $25, nope!
After a while I noticed a sign saying picnic area, and I turned off into the dirt road.
I was really a short road and ended up at the lake.
There were no tables or anything, so it didn’t look like a picnic area, but boy did it look like the perfect camping spot!
I decided to just pitch my tent and if I got booted out, so be it!

It was the perfect spot, and even better was the fact that there were hardly any bugs!!

View from my tent door

I was really comfy and happy there, the sound of the water lapping was very soothing and not having to swat away mosquitos in my tent was just awesome!
After cooking dinner and eating I walked around a bit. There was a hill behind my tent and I walked up it

The sun was setting and I got a pretty nice shot of the sunset

I slept like a rock and woke around 8, but really 9 Manitoba time.
I took it easy and made pancakes, but before too long it got too hot. There was not a cloud in the sky!! Amazing!
I did my morning check for Spirit, checked the oil, still good but a little lower….. so I added a little.
Check the tire pressure, both good, and waxed the chain.
Then I looked at the oily frame and water bottle again. I had just wiped those yesterday!
Then I saw why!! “#*^%oghlfjb32)!lgrrrhidssht*&%!!!”
My stupidity is going to kill Spirit one of these days, if it hasn’t done so already!
I could have cried!!!
Dimwit I told myself! I had totally forgotten to reconnect the fat hose that goes from the engine to the airbox, and oil had been leaking out of there.
I took it of and checked the inside. The part that had been hanging out was dirty with oil and sand, but the inside near the engine was just oily, and I could not detect any griddy stuff. Maybe the pressure coming out of it stopped dirt from going into my engine. I sure was hoping so, but what worried me was the fact that it had rained with that hose out. I can only hope that because it was kind of under the seat somewhat, that no water got into it.
I cleaned up the inside of the hose with paper towel, and put it back on.
Maybe just to make sure I’ll change the oil in The Pass if they have a Walmart or Canadian Tire that sells Rotella-T

I left around 11 Manitoba time, and headed for the pass.
The road was pretty boring, but still nice.
The pass is a nice size town but I still had no reception. Then a lady told me, yep, Telus has no service here. Shucks!!
I found this library and figured I’d type up my report first and the pay for the internet to upload the pics and my report.
An hour later, paid for internet and I couldn’t upload the pictures. The guy at the library was a jerk, didn’t even offer to return the dollar.
Went back to McD and uploaded everything there.
No Walmart or Canadian tire here, not sure if I can find Rotella-T here.

I’m gonna head south and see if I can bypass Winnipeg.
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