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Originally Posted by catweasel67 View Post
I'm gonna turn that around on you. I read the post, looked up "underground regulation", realised it's implications, read the CHP release on the issue, formed an opinion and posted it.

I didn't detail my thought process (at first), or write down how I got from A to Z (zed) because I didn't (and don't) consider it to be that much of a difficult concept to grasp....assuming folks had read beyond the original post, didn't just take it at face value and were capable of forming their own conclusions rather than thoughtlessly leaping on a bandwagon.

Now, if my assumption that the majority of folks here are intelligent, free-thinking and capable of independent thought was incorrect then please let me know and I'll start dumbing down my posts...well, OK, I won't, but it'll certainly explain quite a lot.
I get what you're saying and I happen to agree with you, so let me put things to you in simpler terms. Stop coming off like a pretentious tool and people will like you better.
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