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Originally Posted by vaara View Post
just because some random pinhead got a hair up his ass over proper administrative procedure or some such ridiculous BS.

This doesn't change anything re: the legal status of lane-splitting in California, but it does make it more difficult for riders (and cagers) to locate that information.

This is great news, I could not be more pleased. The "guidelines" were absolutely a backdoor route to regulation, and had the terrible effect of leading many to think that Lane-Splitting was now legal and codified.

The legal status of lane-splitting in California is very simple:

Lane-Splitting is not illegal.

It's not defined in the state vehicle code, and that's just fine by me. What is defined are various measures of unsafe vehicle operation. The CHP guidelines were dangerous in that they created the expectation in cage drivers that motorcyclists were now somehow subject to follow those exact guidelines, which is not the case at all.

Under current law, which makes no mention of lane-splitting, I can filter/lane-split at speeds and in conditions that I feel comfortable with. Likewise, LE can pull me over when, in their opinion, I have been riding in an unsafe manner. That's a somewhat ambiguous situation, but one I can definitely live with. And if the vehicle code is going to be changed, to address lane-splitting, then let it be changed and codified out in the open, in a binding and legal manner.
Splitting lanes, and splitting hairs.
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