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Originally Posted by Navy Chief View Post
Way to ignore the entire issue regarding the fact that you think that removing public education information regarding a legal activity designed to promote safety is a good thing.....

And BTW I have no issue with the international nature of this forum, 99% of the time I think it is a wonderful thing and I thoroughly enjoy the perspective that is brought to the conversation by it. You however are normally the 1% that I take issue with in your habit of taking every opportunity to make a snide comment about issues here in the US which add nothing to the conversation.
You want to know why being "snide" comes so easily to me Navy Chief. See below. Some of you guys make it so easy, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Originally Posted by Rgconner View Post
With his name published, he will not get much sleep from now on, and he better not leave his car unattended anywhere in Sacramento.
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