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Originally Posted by Rgconner View Post
Hey, I got something to lose, so I am not one who is going to make his life hell.

(Which is why it is not written in the first person, but your eagerness to be snide skipped that detail, troll)

The chatter at the local bike shop and watering holes is that the bike community at large is not pleased with this guy. His name is Mudd.

Your argument of him doing the right thing or the wrong thing is not the issue, the issue is 1%'ers and wannabe 1%'ers not taking kindly to it.

I am sure they would listen to reason if you came over and tried to talk them out of it....
Well, obviously I can't speak for the 1%ers in the US but if they're anything like the 1%ers over here, they could give a flying fuck about guidelines...

And I find your suggestion that they care so much about the removal of those guidelines laughable. Ridiculous even.

As for the community at large, if they're as stupid as you, then I'd not be surprised at their anger. I'll say it again - he's done you guys in CA a favour by lodging his complaint. Californian bikers do not want lane splitting to become a legislative issue - I'd suggest having a law actually endorsing it would be extremely unlikely given the risk averse nature of most politicians.

And yes, that's what I'd say if I was over there. The fact that you didn't speaks volumes about your character, especially when they're threatening someone, even in bravado, because of their ignorance/stupidity.

In closing - grow a pair fuckface and have a nice day.
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