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Originally Posted by catweasel67 View Post
As for the community at large, if they're as stupid as you, then I'd not be surprised at their anger. I'll say it again - he's done you guys in CA a favour by lodging his complaint. Californian bikers do not want lane splitting to become a legislative issue - I'd suggest having a law actually endorsing it would be extremely unlikely given the risk averse nature of most politicians.

In closing - grow a pair fuckface and have a nice day.
More stupidity on your part. I never expressed an opinion of my own on the matter, you jumped to conclusions. And then you resorted to name calling... very grown up on your part.

I would prefer we have a real law giving us a lane splitting rights, but the unwashed masses of cagers who believe they are the only legitimate traffic on the road will never let it pass.

"1%" is an exaggeration even in California, there is one bike for every 50 people, and half the riders are not in a patched club.
I doubt they make up even 1% of the riders.

So typical commuting/pleasure riders like myself stand no chance of getting a lane splitting law... we are just too outnumbered.
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