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Originally Posted by btao View Post
So, I'm making some progress on route planning on the desktop and Navigation on Android.

What I did was create the directions list in Google My Maps in 4 parts because Google limits the number of stops, and then exported it to KML via folder button top left, then opened it in Google Earth, then exported it to GPX, then opened it in Garmin Basecamp, then dragged each direction list into the previous one to merge the lists, then repeat until you have the whole track complete, rename. Then select that track, then export selection to GPX. Email it to yourself or save to Drive, then save to phone. With OSMand+ installed, move to sdcard0\osmand\mytracks folder. Open OSMand+ in Map view. In settings, turn on in Global and Car modes, Logging Services, Map Layers and turn signals. Click Map Layers icon now in the top right bar and select GPX track. Find the GPX track in the list and load it. Then hit the Menu button in the bottom left and select Directions. Click Yes to "Do you want to use displayed track for Nav." Then, you can click the Car icon in the bottom right and select "Pass along entire track." Which allows you to Navigate a loop, otherwise you start your bike, then turn it off since you have arrived.

Give it a try with your own, or the link I just posted and let me know if you have a better way, or if it works for you. I think it produced the best track with just the right amount of via points. I opened mine on my Moto X (the phone )

I think I lost you half way the first sentence. Will try this route and maybe my bike will get dirty this time.I dont like coming home with a clean bike.
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