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Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
Who, exactly, is trying to have lane-splitting made illegal?
Excerpts from the petition:

"Historically, the California Highway Patrol has reserved for itself the right to pick and choose which laws to enforce and to pick and choose whom to enforce the laws against. Californians have accepted this subjective effort by the California Highway Patrol.

However, in issuing its “lane-splitting” guidelines in February 2013, the California Highway Patrol has intruded on the role of the California State Legislature in “making the laws”. In the absence of a law against lane splitting, the agency issued “so- called” regulations that allow reckless behavior on the road. These “guidelines” received no public input and are not sanctioned by statute."


"There are 22.6 million licensed vehicle drivers in California. The “so-called” regulations affect every single one of these drivers. A significant percentage of the car drivers disagree that motorcycle drivers have the “extra” rights to weave between lanes that the California Highway Patrol purports to support. Well over 500 motorcyclists are killed on California highways annually. Many more sustain substantial injuries. In addition, the car driver population sustains substantial mental stress from the continuing “lane weaving” antics of typical motorcycle drivers. The car driver population would prefer that the California Highway Patrol enforce the law as it clearly now stands and not provide for additional “exceptions” to a favored population."

So basically he's claiming lane splitting was never legal (CA law doesn't say it is, but it doesn't, as every other state, explicitly say it isn't) and by posting the guidelines, CHP was granting it de facto legal status, thus making a law, which is beyond their power.

The logic breaks down at claiming it wasn't legal to begin with; a loophole many have glommed onto and tried to close in the past.

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