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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
did you read all the documents enclosed in that pdf? The guy clearly believes that bikes think they are above the law:

having the guidelines removed is his opening salvo. then since its not specifically expressed as being legal, he will just rally to make illegal. It cant be that hard especially if there is nothing to overturn
Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
Excerpts from the petition:

[/B]So basically he's claiming lane splitting was never legal (CA law doesn't say it is, but it doesn't, as every other state, explicitly say it isn't) and by posting the guidelines, CHP was granting it de facto legal status, thus making a law, which is beyond their power.

The logic breaks down at claiming it wasn't legal to begin with; a loophole many have glommed onto and tried to close in the past.

Thanks, I had not read his whole thesis.

I get it now, and will loudly state my support for reinstating the guidelines.

This asshole's aggression will not stand, man.
Splitting lanes, and splitting hairs.
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