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It's an interesting point though. When passing, how close to the vehicle being passed should a person be before moving into the oncoming lane? I don't remember that being discussed at driver's training. The back stretch NASCAR pass is the most exhilarating. Maybe you should start a thread on the topic.

When I'm stuck behind several vehicles and feel the need to pass, I'll drop back farther than usual from the vehicle in front of me. Back a little farther, I can see around them better, and as I see an opportunity to pass approach, I'll get a running start and pick up my speed. If timed correctly, the oncoming car has just passed as I reach the point where I have to either pull around the vehicle being passed or hit my brakes. If I proceed with my pass, I'm already at (or very near) passing speed, rather than counting on acceleration.

Also, since I started with a little more following distance, I unavoidably make it a little harder for someone BEHIND me to initiate a multiple vehicle pass. For me there's always a major pucker instant when someone tries to pass me the same instant I'm changing lanes to start my pass.
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