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just want to post some further thoughts about this...

the "guidelines" such as they were imo simply raised awareness that lane -splitting is safe and legal to do in California, and for motorist to understand that. the riding suggestions were just that. they read like some MSF instruction manual, and they were not law. you could not get a ticket for going faster then 10mph then the flow of traffic, or splitting cars moving faster then 30mph. if you are reckless that is determined otherwise. the LEO on scene will still make their own determination

the guidelines were simply suggestions for safe lane splitting. same as we have guidelines for safe lane changing and merging. it does not mean we are bound by law to it

also written into the "guidelines" were two c.v.c. items making it a criminal offense to open a door on a rider splitting lanes, or attempting to impede or block our progress in anyway. if this got thrown out with the guidelines, no way can i think its good to get rid of them

some see this as government overreach
some see it as the first step to further enforcement and regulation, and eventual ban on the practice
some see it as pro splitting and a win for those who would be harmed by a motorist trying to impede
some riders see it as unnecessary as we split all day long, anyway. leave government and law out of it

but what it really is imo is simply a public awareness tool. WE are on the road, lane splitting is LEGAL in California, and trying to block or injure us is a crime

i saw a CHP commercial on TV which said those things, specifically. how is that bad? because splitting is legal ONLY in California it is better to have the law on our side with a few tips and suggestions to appease the public then to have to fight off more wrongheaded "it should be illegal" suggestions from the clueless

imo the guidelines were simply to raise public awareness and try to help keep riders safe. it is not big brother looming in the shadows. and it did in fact make two specific actions by motorist illegal and a fully prosecutable offense

someone open a door on you and the insurance company does not know who to blame? after all you were riding between cars!! the c.v.c in the guidelines puts the responsibility squarely on the driver of the car to LOOK before they swing open doors. if they don't and hit us, its on THEM

also, if they use their vehicle to block or try to impede us, its a prosecutable violation. or you get a ticket or lose in court or w/e? i am not perry mason, here!

but i fail to see how these guidelines were bad for riders or unnecessary or anti-freedom or w/e the hell. it reads "pro rider" imo

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