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I would guess it is due to a matter of time and building upon skills, and not "dumping" everything on a new rider all at once. The beginner courses are aimed at people with very little if any riding experience, and are often one or at most 2 day courses. No one argues that "brake then turn" is easier to teach and a safe way to ride. I can understand teaching that "foundation", with a focus on building on that and teaching more advanced skills later. "Brake while turning" certainly takes a higher level of skill.
No doubt probably the reason. I'm not familiar with the MSF course or its intention. It sounds like its about the same as the one that new riders must undergo before they are allowed out on the road where I live. And that's just what it is, the most basic course possible to hopefully keep you from getting done in the first day or so and have a chance to figure the rest out for yourself.
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