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+ 1 also.

This paragraph particularly resonated. We don’t crash on perfect days with perfect pavement and perfect tires. We crash when something unexpected crops up. The gravel, the truck in your lane, the water across the road mid-corner. If you’ve entered the corner with no brakes, then you’ve basically reduced your options to attempting to reapply the brakes when you see the unexpected surprise, adding lean angle, or standing the bike up and running off the road. You need to make a habit of turning into corners with just a little brake pressure because the unexpected is much easier to deal with if your brake pads are already squeezing your discs. You will be in control of your speed and as your speed drops, your bike will be able to carve a tighter radius at the same lean angle.

Now lets talk about body position, just kidding.
Had a further thought on this subject. The reason I'd added the throw away comment 'body position' at the bottom above was because as I read through the paragraph from the article I felt 'body position' could be equally substituted where ever the word 'braking' was used. The advanced rider has two main skills to deal with the unknown, good braking skills and good body position. By 'body position' I mean everything associated with the confidence and technique to hang into the corner and get on the gas to drive the bike through the emerging 'challenge'.

To my point, I accept the the beginning rider is unlikely to have much in the way of 'body position' skills, it takes time to develop. So that ONLY leaves them with the skills of the braking in the corner to deal with the unforeseen. With me so far? They aren't going to drop into a corner and gas it, they will always go for the brakes. So rather than being something a beginning rider doesn't need to be concerned about, because its the ONLY skill they have to deal with the unforeseen in a corner it is even MORE important than an advanced ride that they have some ability in this skill. The advanced rider has a 'couple of strings to his bow', the beginner only has one, so they better have some skill in it.

Did that make sense after a six pack waiting for the Friday night football to start on TV?
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