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Originally Posted by PK2 View Post
Slow in, fast out has always been the go for me. I'm talking bitumen, not dirt.
I know that if I have the braking mostly done before tipping in, I can adjust the throttle through the corner and accelerate harder when I can see the exit.

If its a tightening radius corner then 99 times out of 100 looking where you want to go will get you there. The bike is more capable than you are (mostly!).
If I need to brake during the corner I will, but remember that braking will make the bike stand up, when you actually want the opposite!
Did you have a chance to read the article about why braking into a corner was critical by the Lead Instructor - Yamaha Champions Riding School? Seems a pretty credible source to me "you can actually improve your bike’s steering geometry, helping it turn better. A slightly collapsed front fork tightens the bike’s rake and trail numbers and allows it to turn in less time and distance." "As the front brake is released the fork springs rebound, putting the bike in the worst geometry to steer. As this rider works within this technique, he/she will attempt to turn the bike quicker and quicker, trying to make up for the extended steering geometry with more and more aggressive steering inputs. The faster they ride, the wider the bike wants to run through the corners, …a recipe for disaster.".

I brake hard and deep into corners and just as the author says when done together with aggressive body position no standing up of the bike is experienced, quite the opposite. The bike turns into the corner far better when I'm hard on the brakes and body position down and forward. If a bike did stand-up just because the brakes were applied going deep into a corner a MotoGP rider would run wide on just about every corner.
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