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Originally Posted by guglemonster View Post
the fuel filter and pump of the 1190 is the same jimmick of the 990

prefilter a PE nonwoven media (since 2010, before plastic monolayer media), inside the pump e mini impregnated paper filter, nothing more

if it's coating around the prefilter you may risk pump cavitation and over speed which wil burn it in no time

it will overheat and burn, 456euro the spare part, just for you to know

the filter set, apart from the o-ring at 40euro the pair, is roughly 70euro here in europe, dunno in the rest of the world

the system is too small for a big bore bike, period.

you should prefilter at refuelling, but the original ktm sock is the wong project, monolayer is not the way to go on fuel filtration.

a world to the wise, next time you go to your favorite tank station, get a jerry can of fuel, than let it pass throught kitchen paper, yep, that's right, two stratas of kitchen paper and check how it looks like :)

for the white gooe...... sound some kind of washing from petrol mixed to ethanol to me, either fron the tank station of from inside the tank.

petrol issue is becoming a major nuisance now that fuel injection has become so delicate

from my experience my fuel pump failed in a few hours of trying to suck against a wall. I actually took the whole thing apart to clean it.What a piece of hobbled together ..(sorry) ..crap!! Talk about crazy fine filter. Even clean you can barely get it to pass air ..It will take nothing to compromise the whole thing.To replace it in Alberta where it broke was 600 bucks + !!
All 1190 owners it seems are going to eventually have real " adventures " if they don't tediously filter the gas at every fill up !!!
By the way while I am at it ..let me just say that the exposed -extremely vulnerable and way way cheap fuel petcocks and fuel pump (complete with hanging wires ) ..looks like it should be on a cheapo bike from China.
One of my petcocks leaked fuel!! Could have had a real blazing adventure with that bit..anyways..
onward to the 2015
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