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Is this prefilter i hear of some sort of sock device that mounts between the tank and the cap ring? Like a screen or sorts? Does that hamper fueling at all?

I also wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the same universal in-tank fuel pump that most bikes have. Seen the same exact part in a Husqvarna, Aprilia and Triumph. Although in all those cases, never saw any serious gunk of sorts, even with higher millage or race fuel used. You would think that a bike that's used only 1000 miles a year would have all sorts of gunk around the pump and filter.

I'm gonna guess there's some sort of production sealant used that's getting in with the fuel. I think a universal inline filter is not a bad option either; considering the sensitivity of the fuel injectors.

Aprilia Supermotos had issues with them, mainly from drying out while sitting or running the fuel low. But in that case, they would seeze up; requireing a few bangs with a hammer to fix :-)

well be surprised that the BMW 450 gimmick has the same assembly of the 990 /1190 ie, I have being talking to a very nice guy from france who had the missadventure to ride that bike in kazakstan and got "stranded" buy bad fuel

the other pumps are different, BMW uses a common BOSCH inserted in a different structure, but the canister original filter is another issue, must be taken out of the tank

the whole prefilter was a mass of dark brown sludge.

our pump has a clever system which prevents the pump to over work and drink some very nasty combination of contaminants and petrol.

point is, to keep it patented and proprietary Kehin/ktm choose the mini filter design out of some stupid engineer dream, than fuel is clean for example

I do use an external fule in line filter, but I totally modify the set up, my prefilter design, fuel cap filters and automotive in line out of the tank filter

the rest would imply taking out the whole pump sustem using an in-line fuel pump, like walbro.

yep you put the cap filter at the cap in teh tank, and yes it hampers the fuel some, sorry, good filter media are slow, bad filter media are slow :)

refuelling is slower, but it prevents everything above 20/30 microns to enter the tank
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