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Originally Posted by markk53 View Post
Yeah! Ozzie was forever loading that damn thing up... fire it up and hold it wide open till it cleans out. Heaven forbid he get it jetted right, but we were kids 18-19 year old idiots.

One time when I lost the masterlink on my chain out in the boonies, apparently put it on backward, Ozzie pulled me out. He had his arm in one sleeve of his coat (the ubiquitous olive drab Army field jacket) and I held the other. At first he had his right arm in... throttle control issues, switched to left and towed me home.
Those were the days! The old two stroke would clearly speak it's own language, one we used to sometimes curse back then but now look back on as some of the fondest memories of riding a motorcycle. Memories that kid's these days likely will never get to experience. Wouldn't give back those fun times growing up with that evolving technology.
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