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When I visit Paraguay, the bus system is a bit unpredictable and slow but it gets you there. I started exploring on foot and by bicycle soon after I arrived back in 2003 and my wanderlust continues every time I visit.

It seems to me that my wife's parents are trapped here at our home. I don't know if they feel it, but I do. So it's been my goal to get the man out to learn the neighborhood by foot, by car, and by motorcycle. Language is an insurmountable problem so he guides himself mainly by getting to know major intersections and significant landmarks - it takes time.

There's a strip mall and a few nice parks just three miles from here with minimal turns on surface streets where he can take his wife for lunch so we raced to the mall.

I am way too big for that tiny scoot

I ran every light and ignored every sign but I had to wait at one major turn to show him the way. I told him we were going to gas up so he waited for a few seconds at a service station until I saw him and waved him on. We hit the mall side by side. Empate.

We visited the parks, reviewed the intersections and landmarks, and headed home. Leaving the mall there's no competition - the bicycle wins every time. I reminded him that the route was derechiiiiiito all the way home with just one turn at the end and headed off.

Then I waited at the only turn on our route.

And waited some more.

Crap. He's either on the highway or he crossed the bridge since there's really only one place he would have been tricked into turning off. So I headed back and found him waiting at a corner just before the turns I suspected. The road opened up to four lanes and he stayed in the right lane which turned into a cloverleaf where he realized his mistake. He even backtracked to the mall just to see if he could do it right the second time. No luck.

Soon he'll head out on his first solo moto adventure. Cell phone included.
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