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Originally Posted by ToySldr View Post
This was not my first bike, my first "adventure" bike though. Most of you, thanks for the good advice.... The others, that have never dropped a bike
I have never dropped my bike in the way you described but I have dropped by V Strom 4 times in its life. All times were pushing it around in camp sites etc. Same rules apply. Have a plan where to point the wheels and where to put your feet.

Kind of a funny story about V Strom Drop number 4. We were making a lot of miles riding back from Alaska and we were in the middle of no where up in the Yukon and it was raining like crazy. We were tired and ready to stop. We found a Provence camp ground and went to set up camp. My wife got off the bike. I put the side stand down and I got off. The rain was still coming down hard. I stood up the bike to put it on the center stand. When I want to do the weight shift to get it up on the center my foot slipped off and the bike fell all the way over (both wheels off the ground, all the weight on my Hepco Becker Gobi panier).

This is where it is important to be able to lift the bike yourself. And Buy good paniers so the bike doesn't fall over even further.
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