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It was time for some off-road adventures so we went about five miles outside Pittsburgh where the asphalt ended.

When I first asked Romu if he was up for this adventure, he asked if the roads were empedrado - that rough, rocky, sand filled road that is 'pavement' even in parts of the capital city.

There were some nice views.

and we found a horse jumping corral with a prancing horse.

The girl on the horse, obviously disturbed by our presence, asked "can I help you?" and I told her that we had stopped to see the corral and asked if it was OK if we watched for a minute. "Sure. No problem." Then she pulled out her cell phone and texted her Mom that some weirdos were watching her. We headed to the bikes but the fuse had blown and our getaway was foiled.

We found a rutted gravel side road that dropped us into this park

and then rode back up the slope. Romu said his bike loses all power on inclines and he wasn't sure he would make it and I told him that my ParaguayChinaBike bike had ascended far worse. No problem ascending for either of us.

Sugar cane fields are much more common in Paraguay than this

and gun stores are much more common here than in Paraguay - he knows of only two in his 20,000 miles a year and he says the prices are ridiculous.

Tunnels abound.

I had no idea that Teen Challenge was in the area.

All in all we had a great ride. It was mostly pavement with about three miles on roads like this.

His little scooter was great on those roads. My monster bike - not so much. Maybe it's time for fuel injection. And ABS. And time to lose 200 pounds (off the bike!)
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