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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
Would you do to a family member what you're doing to me? If the answer's no, then why do it?!
Last week on a 1 mile section of shoulderless, straight road (40 mph speed limit) that is marked for passing in both directions, a car pulled out to pass me. I was riding approx 2' from the white line.

Problem? Three cars approaching in the oncoming lane (nothing behind them), the passing driver passed anyway. First car swerved and dropped right side wheels off the pavement, second car swerved completely off the road and nearly lost control in the ditch. The passing driver was back in lane as the third car went past and then it was about 2 minutes before another car.

To beat all, it happened on the Army base I work on. I ride approx 5000 miles/year on the base so it's no surprise that is where most of my close calls have been (put in the ditch once and numerous close passes).

I've caught up to these drivers a few times (although not this time) and calmly explained that my wife and kids would be very upset if they witnessed the manner of close passing. I usually ask the driver if they would pass their family member that closely (never got an answer). I'm usually met with some form of the tired argument that I shouldn't be on the road (or some other imaginary infraction). A few times I got an apology.

Regardless of what we think of the riding/driving habits of the other road users, simple courtesy goes a long way (applies to all road users of course).
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