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Originally Posted by Aj Mick View Post
I honestly can't understand why lane splitting is illegal in much of the USA, when it is legal and normal in most of the rest of the world… It certainly is in all the 15 or more European, Asian and Oceanic countries I have ridden in.

It is encouraged in some, with a box at the front of the lane at traffic lights, that motorcycles can filter up to.

Perhaps it is because those big fat All American style motorcycles take up almost half as much space as a small car. The smaller, narrower machines that I am more familiar with, make much more efficient use of road space, and parking space.

:t humb

Drivers in the US think they're entitled. There is little courtesy here. Most would rather hog the road than allow someone to get by them... even if, like in lane splitting, it means sticking all those bikes in line taking up more space. Which would mean they add to their time on the road getting stuck at more traffic lights, etc due to the bikes taking up space.

Drivers here are about 80% fools.
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