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I know this is a bike forum, but as a creative person... something u mentioned sounds like something ( you may want to consider/try... seems to be staring me in the face.

High-end furniture building.

Totally can do while still have your day job.. and really seems less "all or nothing" like a shop would be...and holy S$&! have u seen what great furniture costs? I'm not rich but know some.. and they love unique, custom, high quality furniture If you make it unique, and build it we'll... you will have customers... and.. it will satisfy your creative skills.. a lot more than a tire change/balance job.. (not that there's anything wrong with that ;-)

Anyway, just a thought..and something I got from your original post.

All the best in whichever u path u take....

if you do start the furniture business.. put me down for a kitchen table, not too big, with cool iron legs, and a finished, drift wood top... (uhm, though I may need to use the installment plan..)


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