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Originally Posted by Erik View Post
Is this your first bike?? Are we talking about your First 600 miles ?? If so I'd suggest some MSF Training.. if not then I'd suggest some time spent in parking lots learning slow speed bike control.

Originally posted by Andyvh1959
Many of us have done the same thing. While the MSF teaches left foot down first (as part of the beginner training) I also tell my MSF students to scan/search their stops as much as other cycle riding that requires visual control. Scan/search, and plan before you make the stop, know where your foot will go down and know what to expect. RIDE on!
As Andy said, this oddball situation isn't covered in the MSF.

You have to prepare for the stop by getting into first gear before taking your feet off the pegs, then set your right foot down so you can lean uphill. While stopped, you have to use your right hand to activate the front brake. This complicates things leaving the stop sign, because you will need to use the same hand to transition from brake to throttle.

I think I learned this technique kickstarting dirt bikes on hills. When my wife first got her license (before she took the MSF course) she only rode around our neighborhood. We have 3 of these types of intersections, so she dropped the bike a couple of times while practicing how to do this.

I suggest finding a steep uphill you can practice on that is not side sloped. Try taking off without using the rear brake. Once you have that down, your side sloped corner will no longer be a problem.
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