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Originally Posted by aalexander View Post
Seriously? You really think that under California law an exception to the traffic law cannot be made for a police officer responding to an emergency?

Tell you what, why don't you read this and get back to me. It's from the California Vehicle Code.

Looks to me like there;s a whole bunch of traffic laws which don't apply to police in an emergency.
Seriously, since I was a sheriff in CA and we were taught that if you get in an accident while violating traffic law YOU ARE at fault I'll stand by what I said. That section you referenced just means a citation won't be issued. Accident fault will still be assigned. Therefore the CHP believes, and their representative has stated during the hearings for the law that was being considered to end lane splitting, that it could put their officers in an indefensible position if they split lanes while in pursuit and were involved in an accident. Anyone can cite a book, spend a little time researching the history before you pop off next time.
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