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What are we offsetting via tolls when using a bridge? Why do area bridges charge by axle? Is the time lost for all the commuters behind me when I have to shut off my bike, put down my kickstand, take off my gloves, dig in my pocket for a 20, wait for my change and a receipt, put my change back in my pocket, put on my gloves, take the bike off the sidestand and start it and ride away, worth the 5 bones the bridge authority gets?

The bridge never knows a moto is on it.

We are putting our very lives at risk in order to ease congestion. Free toll and a thank you is warranted
Can't put it in neutral and not deal with the stand? I use a tank bag and it isn't that big a deal. The point is, it is still a toll crossing. Why should we get a free ride? We still ride motor vehicles. I don't put my life at risk to "ease congestion". I doubt that even splitting lanes reduces it that much. It does for us, and I enjoy having the ability. Splitting lanes and getting a free ride on a toll bridge are two different arguments as it is.
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