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Originally Posted by Human Ills View Post
What are we offsetting via tolls when using a bridge? The bridge never knows a moto is on it.
Probably never knew a passenger car was on it either. Tolls are not intended to *only* offset the actual costs associated with the wear and deterioration caused directly by that vehicle on that crossing. If they were, they would be vanishingly small.

A bridge has a capital cost and a service life. There are maintenance and operation costs over that service life. Only a portion of those maintenance and operation costs are a direct result of wear and damage from traffic. A bridge with zero traffic, but maintained in operational status will still have operating and maintenance costs (corrosion control, for example). Over that service life there are only going to be X number of crossings. The total costs of the bridge have to be amortized over those X crossings. That's the basis for tolls (or should be, anyway) not how much pavement wear your vehicle caused that day.
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