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Originally Posted by sdmichael View Post
Can't put it in neutral and not deal with the stand? I use a tank bag and it isn't that big a deal. The point is, it is still a toll crossing. Why should we get a free ride? We still ride motor vehicles. I don't put my life at risk to "ease congestion". I doubt that even splitting lanes reduces it that much. It does for us, and I enjoy having the ability. Splitting lanes and getting a free ride on a toll bridge are two different arguments as it is.
Yes, I could make it less of an inconvenience for other motorists, but in this specific case, why should I?
Why not use free bridge use as an incentive for people to get out of their massive vehicles and onto two wheels? It's all perspective, isn't it?

And the rest of the readers who would like to keep splitting right where it's at, see what we'd be dealing with politically? This is ostensibly a rider.
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