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Originally Posted by Human Ills View Post
Yes, I could make it less of an inconvenience for other motorists, but in this specific case, why should I?
Why not use free bridge use as an incentive for people to get out of their massive vehicles and onto two wheels? It's all perspective, isn't it?

And the rest of the readers who would like to keep splitting right where it's at, see what we'd be dealing with politically? This is ostensibly a rider.
Incentive to get people onto two wheels? Not a good argument nor a good solution. So... then you'd have more people in more vehicles getting a free ride on toll bridges, not helping pay for the costs of said bridge and increasing congestion? How about more incentives to take transit? Incentives are already in place to reduce vehicles - they're called HOV lanes. Bridge tolls are lower (sometimes even free) for them as well as those with FASTRAK transponders. We get to ride in those as well, regardless of number of people on our vehicles. Most states, even those that do not allow for lane splitting, allow that.
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