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Originally Posted by quasigentrified View Post
about a year ago i was riding a bv350 scoot between sequim and port townsend on hwy 104. posted speeds are 50-60, i was ambling along at 65-ish when i chance upon a trio of "pirates" going 45-50, their slash cut pipes blatting.

so's i wind the little 330cc scoot up to pass 'em. and i do.

and i look at their cute little vests.

and their many, many tats.

and their leathery angry faces.

and quickly at their vests again. which are not ACTUALLY cute. they are old leather, with one patch on the back: the norteņos. (, probably headin' back from visitin' blood in the clallam county corrections center.)

i may or may not have let out a girlish sequel of horror, but i definitely gunned it. i got the little scoot up to 85, but they were hot on my ass. i knew they were probably havin' fun with me, but i was NOT gonna find out, and i dragged my centerstand tangs turning onto hwy 20, where i finally lost 'em in the curves. at the time, i'd never ridden that hard or hot in my life.

and that, ladies and gents, is the single most emasculating moment on my short-ish developing two wheeled career.
Yeah, that's always exciting. Flip off a group of pirates who can't hold their lane in curve, almost running you off the road, discover that they're not a group of weekend warrior poser types (despite the completely inept riding) but a local chapter of a 1% gang. (Who, probably fortunately for me, apparently didn't notice the gesture)

Hard to keep track of which "cut" belongs to the criminal psychopaths and which are just riding club uniforms.
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