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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post

Just curious dmax, if the vehicle you were driving hadn't had an automatic cutoff (whatever that is) at 96 mph, would you have gone faster?
eh probably not, I was just getting around the last car when the governor kicked in which coincided with him hitting me with the radar gun. like I said I was just trying to get around all the slow pokes at once as quickly as possible.

Originally Posted by DesertTortoise View Post
Aaaaand... Did being accused of murder, getting a huge ticket, plus losing the license change your behavior down the road?

My opinion is you should get a lecture or a ticket but not both. Unless you are doing 40 over and are a teenager with teenage passengers. I probably would have found a reason to have it towed home. I think just about every high school class has that wreck where a few kids get killed. Now some states you can't even drive with other teens without a sober adult.
not really I have lost my license 2 times in the 14 years I have been driving. had to take the points test 3 times (got stopped on the way to take it one time!) I would not have a drivers license if tickets from other states transferred to PA. I used to travel every weekend for racing and would sometimes get stopped 2-3 times in VA and NC. that's why I never got my CDL, all fifty states transfer then.

my father was a race car driver. I took 3 different driving courses when I was younger not to mention all the winter nights spent with my dad learning the art of limited traction situations out in the mall parking lot.

when I started driving there was no texting or facebooking while driving. to this day I refrain from that crap and pay attention to what I am doing, just like I told that cop. I think its partly why I get so many tickets. I am just driving, not looking for cops and I tend to move at 10-15 over the limit unless I am in a town where there may be kids playing or something.

kids today don't get drivers ed in school and they learn from their parents who ARE texting and facebooking while taking them to school. the driving test is the joke of the rest of the world and I don't think most kids now are capable of driving with other kids in the car.

Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
He actually should have been spanked at that age. Sure he's a better, more cautious driver now.
I wish the one state trooper in NC would have spanked me!

but I do find myself slowing down as I am about to be a father. but I have to use the cruse control to do it. like on 55mph two lane roads I set it at 60 because if not I would be going 65-70. same with the interstate if its 65mph I have to set it at 70 or I would be going 75-85.

the funny thing is I don't speed at all on my bikes, half the time I am under the limit just enjoying the day. I never speeded for kicks it was always about just getting where I needed to go as fast as possible.
I don't know how to ride a bike...yet
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