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Originally Posted by aldend123 View Post
Ever do the rough math, or time, trips to see the actual time saved by speeding? Even at extremely high speeds, under an hour trip is hard to have any meaningful impact on, assuming there are spots where traffic will prevent you from keeping a fast pace, stop lights, merges, left-lane blockers etc. I do find moving quick and smooth keeps my mind off how late I'm about to be though...
Yea, I don't think most folks are speeding cause they think getting somewhere 5 minutes faster is the end all {although it can be, like if you're outta sick time and on step three of a three strikes and you're out job}. Most folks that speed just speed. If the limit is 25mph, they gonna try to get away with 35mph. If the limit is 75mph, they gonna try to get away with 85mph. On the other hand, some folks just drive slow and are more than happy doing 60mph in a 75mph zone. Take Ural riders fr example.

And yea,,,,, I'm a Ural owner. But my slow as shit riding is pretty limited to Ural time. Any other time,,,,, I'm pressing my luck.
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