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one more thing about my speeding exploits. I get that shit honestly. when I was in high school we flew out to So-Cal to pick up my dads 55? birthday present to himself and drive it back home grizwald style. it was a 2wd lowered big block suburban with a supercharger that made 550hp to the wheels. we got stopped I think 5 times on our way back to PA once we were clocked at 120. cop asked if he knew how fast he was going and he said yep I had the cruse control set at 120! cop just laughed and told him to slow it down.

shit just 1 or 2 years ago he got two tickets in 45 minutes on his way to NY for a wedding. not six months ago he got pinched in the same spot I got that ticket that started my involvement in this thread. we were on our way to meet a client and I told his ass to slow down and not 5 min later we are on the side of the road.
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