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I suspect if one were to only increase offset w/o stabilizer the front end would be MORE prone to knifing into sand and soft terrain at low speeds but less prone to high speed wobble regardless of stabilizer.

An increase in offset, increases trail. Increase in trail generally makes a front end more manueverable, more responsive to changes in attitude, ie front end will feel looser and lighter at low speeds. At higher speeds, the front end of a high trail bike will actually feel slower but more planted. It's this sort of inconsistent response in feel that many riders dislike higher trail front ends. Road race bike geometry is less extreme in these changes due to the smaller front tire but you'll find most sportbikes have trail figures of 88-95mm. They of course are not great at low speed manueverability but very quick and responsive to rider input as speed increases.

I personally have been eyeing those adjustable offset clamps available for many dirt bikes, including most KTM's but not our 950's. I suspect since the fork tube OD is identical on our bikes to that of a late model 525EXC, I could easily adapt that clamp to my 950, I'd just lose the steering lock and have to relocate the ignition key. Those units generally allow adjustment ranges from 14-20mm in 2mm intervals. That would certainly suffice for my needs. I'm thinking 18 or 20mm for street and hardpack trail then when i hit the sand and really loose terrain I could switch to 14 or 16mm in 30 minutes or less. Anywho, just a thought.

FWIW: I'm still planning on a stabilizer, only I want to fit a Scotts/Ohlins because I am familiar with their operation and servicability, plus I can easily swap between the unit I already have on my 300EXC thus saving me nearly $400 on a new unit. I just prefer under-bar mount combined with possible adjustable offset. Take care
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