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Does anyone here have vstrom experence?

Hi All

I get this thread in my email every day. I noticed that most of your rides are dirt bikes so i have only posted a few times. I do read this thread often. makes me want to buy a more dirt/rock/sand worthy bike. I just cant have the vibrations associated with a single cylinder bike. I like the vstrom, good balanced bike, does a little everyting, and now I have it setup for me. so it will be hard to get me off it.

I live in tucson, i have a 2004 vstrom that I ride almost everyday. I have done some off pavement stuff (I have been riding 25+ years) some longer rides but mostly I commute because with work, school, kids, wife and so on its the only time I get to ride. I am not a bad mechanic, but have little experence wrenching on bikes. wtih the economy the way it is, I am keeping cars and bikes much longer than in the past and I am doing all the work on them and I have saved .. thousands over the last 2 years..

not being a good motorcycle mechanic (although I did just rebuild my forks for the first time rides so much better) , I decided to post here in hopes of finding some that have or have had a vstrom. I have the "headlight instrument cluster" going out issue. I have read up on it but was hoping to find someone local that has had the same issue?

Thanks guys.
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