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Posted by: dozer
I to am wondering what the pros and cons of the 2mm offset. Does it make that much difference or is the stabilizer the biggest difference?
From my understanding the 2mm offset makes the bike more stable. This is because the trail is increased, just as BigMac pointed out. Gary Emig told me the difference is like night and day. I bought these parts for the promised increase in stability and the bling factor. My bike handled just fine, UNTIL, I raised my forks in the trees because the bike was just a bit too high for me. Yeah, that's funny! This produced a low speed wobble while turning in parking lots mostly. It wasn't bad and was never very bad. I want to point out that when the bike was stock, it was very stable. I produced the wobble by changing the bike. As posted before, I recently had my forks lowered 1" by Factory Connection but Gary Emig told me that it really wasn't necessary with the 20mm offest clamps. The one feature that I really like on the ER II steering stabilizer is the dampening action in both directions. The ER I stabilizer does not produce resistance while returning to center. Gary Emig recommend that I get the ER II and I also recommend that. This recommendation, from me is probably premature because, I haven't ridden it. But I trust the recommendation from Gary Emig. The steering stabilizer is going to help more in the loose, high speed stuff, like gravel and sand. If you get a wobble in that, most likely you're going to go down due to a tank slapper.

Posted by: Orangetwin411
Looks nice Swon, real freakin nice
Thanks Orangetwin411, I'm really liking it. I can't wait to ride it. We're supposed to get some snow this week. At least I have heated grips now!

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