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Gees I wrote a long reply to your post and I hit the wrong key and lost it all. In short, remove the rubber caps, they will rot off and you will be doing it all again. Remove the spigots that the caps are on the replace with 6mm bolts and brass washers, you can cut the bolts to length or order the exact part from a 03 950. I think someone else posted the part numbers in your previous post.

I sure you can get that from plate off easily as I have done a lot of them if you just remove a few extra bolts that only takes a few minutes and will save you much time in the long run. I'm referring to the 4 bolt holding the oil tank, now just pull it forward and you already know how to remove the oil return hose. You will how have room to get some fingers in the and even a swivel 1/4 8mm socket on one of them, and a 8mm box on the other. You job will now be complete and you will sleep much having mastered the zen of 950.
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