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I love moto's
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I just wanna ride..

Coming up on 55 after 25 years working in the California power sports industry. Most of it with BMW, Ducati and some years with Japanese made products. Fortunate enough to retire early, now I ride motocross in the fall and winter months, in the summer it's day rides on my T595 Triumph Daytona (it an old 98 year model but I love it). Last year my wife bought me a 90th anniversary R12 GSA I ride most now ( I never imagined I'd ever own such a nice bike). She is wonderful.

I have always loved moto's but rode mostly because the industry didn't pay very well, but I loved bikes as well as on and off road bikes, so a car wasn't affordable with the cost of living in Ca. Rode the Santa Cruz mountains for 20, years now I'm in the Central Valley very close to the Sierra mountains, I don't live in a studio apt scraping money, and living on peanut butter sandwiches and lunches at the rescue mission. Once I was a transmission away from being homeless for six months, while my two bikes lived in a storage locker. Sad days.

Thank The Lord those days are behind me. I've always tried to be kind to my fellow man and those less fortunate. Things changed for me quickly. My first love from high school found me and we married in 2012. We've always been crazy about each other. Now I'm living a life I never dreamed possible. I had always thought I would have to work till my grave. Even so I never grumbled and accepted life as it was. I've served God as best that I could since my youth and now I have time to serve and ride more. I don't post much but love reading about all these "Inmate adventures".

Things in life can change in an instant and I could right back where I was, but I've always been happy rich or poor as long as I had a bike.
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