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Approaching 58 riding for 34 of them. Hope to go out on two wheels instead of ending in being spoon fed oatmeal in a nursing home like my Dad. He was most afraid of that himself. I just hope going out not too soon.

Hoping to work for 4 for years before being forced into retirement that is becoming all too common nowadays. Haven't done bad but it will certainly be a huge lifestyle change. Maybe I'll just go homeless for a very long ride if my health permits

Moved from racing enduros/cross country in my teens and 20s to a 82 Sportster that my Dad and I rebuilt. Moved into various sport bikes and an Electraglide in the 30-40s until my old back forced me to naked bikes around 50 and the weight and lack of ride quality on the Harley pushed me to Advnt touring. Sort of like coming home from dirt bikes again.

Hypocritically discouraged my children (2 girls) from street riding after they grew up on a Yzinger 3 wheeler. Now entering the Grandson phase of life and wonder how I will or won't pass the tradition down. One is 2 and all about "cycles" already. Makes me happy and scared at the same time. The Son-in-law for the newborn has already expressed concern of Granddaddo making motorcycles too cool. Well they are too cool but I fully support their parents discouraging them into a very dangerous but fun sport. Hopefully if either do decide to enter into the sport in the coming years Granddado will be fit enough to help guide them into MC safety as an exMSF Rider Coach. That would be a fitting end for an Old Rider.
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