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Hope I'm still riding

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We were in NC a couple of weeks ago for the Buells in the Alps rally we had a Buell rider come down from Columbus, Ohio onn his bike he was 71 and then we met a rider up at Mt.Mitchel riding a ZX6 decked outnin full red leather he was 81. These guys give hope for the future
I'm 44 been riding since 15 and I hope I can still ride when Im 81 that will be a blessing. After my deer strike last oct. my coworkers ask "your still going to ride after that?"I can honestly say that until they asked the option of "not riding anymore" had really not entered my mind as part of the incident. Not trying to be brash or tough but "not riding" just did not enter my mind as a possible result of the wife just rolled her eyes when I told her what they ask me. She said" your coworker dont know how stupid you are ,I knew you wouldnt stop riding".
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