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Now here's a question...

I wonder about oil. Specifically I wonder about whether people use engine oil which is not specifically labelled for motosickles. Now I've seen an informative discussion about this somewhere in a BMW based group on FB some time ago but I can't recall its contents, or where it was and I don't have the time, patience or bandwidth/speed to find it.

I imagine it revolves around some components/additives in one that you wouldn't find in another or vice versa. Sometimes I've seen this referring to combined engine/gearbox contexts where the inducement of clutch slip may be an issue. But of course that's not an issue with Airheads... Everywhere I look I see car labelled oil substantially cheaper than bike labelled oil, and the angle of the discussion referred to above was that (some) general car oil is fine, given certain conditions/blends, which I can't remember...

So it comes down to this - what's the cheapest oil I can run? Any recommendations on W rating (for use in the Former United Commonwealth Kingdoms) and thoughts on synth/semisynth etc. ?

Now I know that peeple are somewhat anal about good quality oil & regular changes in Beemers, but you have to remember it's the DMW we're talking about here. It's on way over 170k miles, and it's a bit of a leaky wreck, so do bare that in mind yeah?

Now I know that the venerable Snowbum has probably said pretty much all that can be said here, but I'm interested in divergent opinions from mere mortals such as your good selves
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