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How is it that being the lead rider on (arguably) the most prestigious bike on the grid is an unenviable position? I have a sick feeling Honda is going to run Nicky through the wringer if he doesn't produce miracles. And I don't think he is going to produce miracles.

I'm excited to see how KRJR fares. His old man is my hero: finishes conquering the world on the bike, then sets out to best various Goliath's building the bike. And Team KR (Honda PR machine notwithstanding) never issues those goddamn, smug, Onanistic press releases before each and every testing session/race/poster signing/baby shower. I'm going to be rooting for Junior to beat at least the Suzukis every race.

And speaking of Suzukis, maybe Chris the V's decision wasn't so bad. He will have little pressure to produce great results this year, being new to GPs and on an uncompetitive bike, he can learn the tracks and the competition, and next year is a whole new game. If a Suzuki does finish ahead of KRJR, I hope it's his.

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