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A small update is that roadbooks are printed as we speak,

There is a general plan here:

which can be downloaded >>

From orga:
The major difference from last year is that there will be a bivouac at the mountain at the end of Day 3. Before the start of Day 3, at the evening of Day 2, you must provide organization with your can with petrol, and a small travel bag with a small tent, sleeping bag, some clothes etc.

Note: At the mountain bivouac the temperature will be 10-12 deg C less that the city of Serres!!! There will be food (10€ per person) and drinks (Beer “VOREIA” and Greek Ouzo), as well as a party with traditional folk Greek music with guitars and bouzouki.

Next morning start time, will be late, but in any case, we can NOT guarantee you that there won’t be alcohol test before the start of Day 4!

If someone doesn’t like to sleep on the mountain, he can sleep at the refuge with an extra cost of 10€. At the bivouac the service is free, and your team members can also join us for the party!

They are ALL welcome!
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On another note, I will be following the rally in the Aurora Rally Equipment Tent, so for those who join the rally, please come and say hello, it will be nice to be able to put some faces into those nicknames .
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