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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
That is one, but there are many more like Hog Wild pointed out.

Like him, I have posted thousands of miles of my tracks on AdvRider and and they have been reposted on other sites like Dual Sport Maps. This is not a problem for the person who developed those tracks and put them in the public domain.

The other class of Tracks are those that were developed by someone for commercial purpose. Posting tracks that a promoter provided for a fee and he made it clear they are proprietary and only provided for one time use and not public domain is no different than stealing any other piece of intellectual property.
i'm sorry man, but unless you're looking up the original explorer/surveyor that plotted that road you take to work, or the path you tracked, and paying his/her remaining family for the privilige, this is bogus.

you go, you ride, you track. it's YOUR TRACK, do to with whatever you like. if you are fancy enough a marketer to actually SELL IT, more power to ya, i'm all for making a buck or three. expecting everyone that ever finds one of your tracks, goes and explores it, to compensate you (or me, or 'them') is bogus also.

anyway, this SAM guy makes nice tracks. good for him. (no sarcasm at all). i think it's pretty cool to get paid for doing what you love.
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